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How it Works

Divorce for Business™ is a resolution program created exclusively for business professionals seeking a business divorce without the cost of lawyering up and filing a lawsuit.

Recognize A Problem

Up to 80% of business partnerships fail. Many fail in the first year when money is tight.

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  • Partners report feelings of:
    • Distrust
    • Theft
    • Self Dealing
    • Lack of Control
    • Work load imbalance
    • Resentment
  • The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes to break up down the road
  • A large majority of ligated business divorces end in mutual agreement before trial
  • The sooner you recognize and address the problem, the less costly for everyone

Get Started

Tell your partner that it’s time to move on and discuss this service.

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  • Call or email and set up a date for the meeting involving both partners and the Resolution Specialist, sign the Resolution Agreement and Intake Form, and pay the flat fee
  • You will be automatically assigned to a Resolution Specialist
  • The parties split the fees or the parties agree to pay the fees as a business expense
  • Prepare your documents and have a brief confidential phone call with the Resolution Specialist to introduce the issues leading up to the meeting day

Meet with a Resolution Specialist

Strictly confidential. No attorneys needed for either side.

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  • Both sides appear at the Resolution Center location and immediately are placed in their own individual rooms
  • The Resolution Specialist meets with each side confidentially, evaluates each sides’ position, and educates each side on the law in this area and what Courts in this position are likely to do. The Resolution Specialist does not disclose to the other side what is said in your room unless you instruct him or her to do so.
  • The Resolution Specialist works with each side to propose and draft a mutually agreeable solution
  • At the end of the day, the Resolution Specialist and our staff draft a confidential settlement agreement for both sides to sign, if they both agree to its terms
  • The process is voluntary, the Resolution Specialist cannot force either side to sign an agreement
  • Most disputes can be resolved in one day
  • If no agreement is reached, no problem. You will have gained the benefit of attempting to avoid litigation, you will have received a case evaluation from an experienced attorney, and you will better understand your legal position going forward
  • You will be able to announce to the Court at the beginning of your case that you have already used this service and therefore do not need to be ordered to mediation. Accordingly, this service has the potential to avoid delays in your case.
  • You will also have the option to reconvene this program down the road and pick up where you left off

Problem Solved

Move on with peace of mind. Put the break up behind you.

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  • Know what to expect going forward
  • Move forward with control over your success and greater understanding of the litigation process if no agreement is reached and a lawsuit is filed
  • Know that your Resolution Specialist is available to revisit any loose ends that arise

Divorce for Business™

A resolution program like no other

Divorce for Business™ is a resolution program specifically developed by a business litigation attorney after years of surveying business owners and hearing about their frustrations with exorbitant legal fees, uncertainly in the legal process, and the injustice and delay of the Courts.


Divorce for Business™ was created to solve those problems. And that is exactly what makes Divorce for Business™ unique. Divorce for Business™ is aimed at rapid, effective resolution of complex business divorces often involving allegations of self-dealing, theft, distrust, and broken personal relationships.


If the problem can be resolved without the Courts, we can get it done.


How? Our Center is small and focused only on businesses. Our Resolution Specialists are lawyers with decades of experience in complex business litigation from start to finish. Our resolution program is designed to convert that experience into targeted, creative resolution plans and honest case evaluations.

Get Started

Divorce for Business™ offers a unique One-Day, Flat Fee Plan in three easy steps:

  1. Call divorce for business™ at (678) 679-3133 or email Info@DivorceForBusiness.com to be paired with a Resolution Specialist and discuss our services offered to find the ones right for you. You can also click on “Pricing” at the top of this page to view our options.
  2. Fill out the paperwork. Set a date for a flat-fee, one-day resolution meeting that works for you, your business partner, and the resolution specialist.
  3. Make a flat fee payment.
  4. Appear for the resolution meeting. There, the process is tailored to your comfort level and is confidential.

Step I

The Parties will be placed in individual rooms and the Resolution Specialist will discuss the process and have the opportunity for an “opening statement”...

Step II

The Resolution Specialist will move back and forth between the rooms, viewing key documents...

Step III

Once the issues are understood, the Resolution Specialist will go back and forth between the rooms and evaluate the matter in an attempt to reach a resolution...

Step IV

Once the matter is resolved, the Resolution Specialist will draft up the agreement and provide you with any closing instructions...

Step V

At the end of the day, the parties move on in accordance with the mutual agreement...

Step VI

No court is involved in the process. At the end of the day, the problem is solved confidentially...

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
What if we are contemplating a business buy out and require a business, real estate, or inventory/equipment valuation. Can you perform a valuation?

Yes. There are times that a deal cannot finalize without knowing the proper value of a business, inventory and equipment, or real estate. However, hiring a valuator can be expensive and time consuming. For that reason, we have a team of the most reputable valuators in Georgia who can provide the Resolution Specialist with a nuts and bolts valuation tailored to the level of detail required by the parties. At the end of the valuation, you will receive a report that will be shared with the Resolution Specialist who will, in turn, share it with the parties. Please know that the valuation report is a tool used for this resolution process and it will remain confidential after the close of the program. It cannot be used in litigation if this program is unsuccessful, or to support a criminal investigation, and the valuator cannot be called as a witness to discuss his or her findings. The flat fee price for this service is $5,000 for up to ten hours. Most valuation reports should be able to be completed in this time frame.

What if there are accusations of theft and self-dealing. Do you have a forensic accountant who can draft a report?

Yes. In some cases it is necessary to find out how money has been spent in the company before a resolution can be made. For that reason, we have a team of top tier forensic accountants who can provide the Resolution Specialist with a neutral, confidential summary of the flow of the money in the company, which the Specialist will then share with the parties. This report, however, cannot be used to support a claim of theft or self-dealing. It is a resolution tool used to reach an agreement only. It is confidential and cannot be used in litigation or to support a criminal investigation. The forensic accountant cannot be called as a witness to discuss his or her findings. The flat fee price for this service is $5,000 for up to ten hours. Most forensic reports should be able to be completed in this time frame.

What if the company involves intellectual property, computer code, or electronic assets? Do you have a forensic IT consultant who can draft a report and preserve and transfer assets?

Yes. If your dispute requires the services of a forensic IT consultant, we have you covered. The forensic IT consultant acts as a neutral party to preserve property, perform searches, issue reports, and transfer property. The work performed by the forensic IT consultant is directed by the Resolution Specialist based on agreement of the parties, and the work is performed for the purposes of settlement only. It is confidential and cannot be used in litigation or to support a criminal investigation. The forensic IT consultant cannot be called as a witness to discuss his or her findings. The flat fee price for this service is $5,000 for up to ten hours. Most work should be able to be completed in this time frame.

What if we need business documents drafted after the meeting, like a new operating agreement or corporate resolutions. Can you draft those?

Yes, we have business transactional attorneys who will draft the corporate documents contemplated by your settlement agreement for a flat fee of $3,000 for a total of eight hours of work. Most documents will be able to be completed in this amount of time. The transactional attorney will represent the company (not the parties) and work with both sides (however, nothing said to the transactional attorney will be confidential), and he or she will prepare the documents for you that are needed to properly document the corporate changes agreed upon.

Resolution Specialists

Divorce for Business™ Business Divorce Specialists know the ins and outs of litigation business disputes, because they have litigated them through trial, collections, for years for their clients.

Our business divorce specialists can see all aspects of dispute, anticipate problems that partners may not know about, and provide advice on possible legal ramifications and outcomes. Our business divorce specialists know how to craft an exit strategy and get the dispute resolved. Confidentially. At a fraction of the price of litigating.

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