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About Divorce for Business™

Divorce for Business™ is a program created exclusively for business professionals seeking a business divorce without the cost of lawyering up and filing a lawsuit.

The Typical Litigation Timeline

In the timeline below, you can see how long it typically takes to litigate a business dispute in Court. Most cases get resolved when they reach the “Mediation” stage after the parties have spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys’ fees on motions, depositions, and discovery.


Our service is a Direct-to-Mediation service that allows you to bypass those years of litigation expenses, attorneys’ fees, and stress and resolve your case now.

Click the link below to download a PDF of the spreadsheet.

A resolution Program Like No Other

The Divorce for Business™ resolution program was created by a business litigation attorney looking to offer direct-to-resolution services to business partners who wish to end their business relationship. Divorce for Business™ clients understand and appreciate the costs and uncertainty of litigation, and they want to take control of the process.


Controlling the business divorce process is imperative in today’s judicial climate. The litigation process is disproportionately uncertain for business owners. That is because the vast majority of judges sitting in Georgia have primarily criminal law backgrounds. Before becoming judges, they handled cases under the Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia, which is a completely different set of rules and procedures from the Georgia Civil Practice Act, which governs business divorces. What that means is that most likely, your case will end up before a judge who not only does not know the law on business divorces, but also does not have a working knowledge of the rules that apply to the case. As a result, and as virtually any business litigation attorney will tell you, that inexperience makes it almost impossible for attorneys to tell you what your chances of success are, how much litigation will cost you, and how quickly you can get to a resolution. Lawyers cannot answer those questions with any degree of certainty because even in “slam dunk” cases, they simply do not know. Giving their clients a 50/50 chance of success between 1 and 4 years out is typically a lawyer’s best and most prudent advice.

Divorce for Business™ was created because 50/50 odds are not good enough.

1 to 4 years to resolution will not work. These odds and this timeframe are unacceptable for professionals who understand the risks and the litigation process, and who are ready to weigh that risk against controlling a known outcome.


At Divorce for Business™ we have concentrated Georgia’s most esteemed business litigation attorneys with decades of experience into one Center with one goal: to actively resolve business divorce cases. Our attorneys have experience in all levels of courts and have litigated and tried cases from start to finish before countless judges in a variety of jurisdictions. This level of targeted experience gives them unique insight and ability to guide a resolution. No other Center in Georgia offers this level of specialization.

Resolution Specialists

Divorce for Business™ Business Divorce Specialists know the ins and outs of litigation business disputes, because they have litigated them through trial, collections, for years for their clients.

Our business divorce specialists can see all aspects of dispute, anticipate problems that partners may not know about, and provide advice on possible legal ramifications and outcomes. Our business divorce specialists know how to craft an exit strategy and get the dispute resolved. Confidentially. At a fraction of the price of litigating.

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